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24 September 2021
Pacific women getting into more leadership positions

NUKU'ALOFA TIMES, TONGA: Tonga is amongst the pace setters according to a new report from the Pacific Private Sector Development Initiative..

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3 September 2020
IPA, ADB to ease business registry

The Investment Promotion Authority, Department of Treasury, and PSDI, with support from the PNG-Australia partnership, signed a memorandum of understanding designed to make doing business easier in Papua New Guinea.

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21 August 2019
Movables Financing Model can work in Fiji says Expert

Movables financing "has the potential to break the cycle of dependence on limited, subsidised finance and empower farmers to better manage cash flow and re-invest in their businesses: improving growing methods, planting more trees, engaging labor when needed, and accessing networks to improve sale p

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30 October 2018
Work commences on implementation of Personal Property Securities Act

Work has started on the creation of an online personal property securities registry in Fiji.

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16 May 2018
Transition to the Cloud Makes PNG’s Business Registry Safer and More Reliable

Information stored on Papua New Guinea’s online business registry is now more secure, and the registry more accessible, after PSDI helped it migrate from outdated office-based servers to cloud-based storage.

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15 May 2016
PSDI's Peter Dirou on How PNG's New Secured Transactions Registry will Extend Access to Credit

PSDI's Senior Financial Expert Peter Dirou has been interviewed by ABC Radio's Pacific Beat program about the recent activation of Papua New Guinea's Personal Property Security Registry. “Lenders will use the registry to register their security interest in an asset that has been used as collateral by a borrower," said Peter. "The generic term is ‘moveable assets’ … these are assets other than land and buildings, such as inventory, accounts receivable, contracts; the assets on...

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