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Fiji | 9 March 2022

Tourism Fiji welcomes ground-breaking PSDI study on the role of women in tourism

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Originally published in The Fiji Sun.

Wednesday 9 March 2022

Tourism Fiji has announced it is working with the Private Sector Development Initiative (PSDI) to understand the crucial role women play in Fiji’s tourism industry.

The informal economy contributes considerably to Fiji’s broader economy and this study would help better understand the roles that women in the informal economy in Fiji play, and the share of tourist expenditure that flows to them and their communities.

Tourism Fiji CEO Brent Hill said the study aligns with Tourism Fiji’s strategic priorities when it comes to sustainability and recognizing the value of tourism.

“It’s a great opportunity to deep dive into the roles that women in the Fijian economy, both formal and informal, play and especially in the tourism industry. We are very grateful to PSDI for undertaking this study, with the support of Tourism Fiji," he said.

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