Case Studies

26 May 2021
The Long Game - How Ongoing Support Opened the Way for Private Sector Growth in Solomon Islands

PSDI is working with the Government of Solomon Islands to encourage and expand the private sector, and to share the benefits of private sector activity.

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18 May 2021
Better Performing, More Sustainable State-Owned Enterprises in Papua New Guinea

In Papua New Guinea, PSDI is supporting a reform program to improve the management of critical State-owned enterprises (SOEs) that deliver electricity and water, banking and insurance, aviation, ports, and communications.

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30 April 2021
Strengthening the Financial Position of Pacific Government-Owned Banks

PSDI works with government-owned banks in the Pacific to strengthen their financial positions and increase their ability to provide much-need finance to Pacific businesses.

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20 April 2021
Promoting Competition and Consumer Protection in Fiji

Fiji has a new, modernized Competition and Consumer Policy, which will support economic development by safeguarding consumers and the private sector.

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13 April 2021
Locally led reforms are making it easier to do business in the Cook Islands

PSDI has supported the development of a new suite of business laws that make it easier to do business and access finance in the Cook Islands.

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