Cook Islands | 24 July 2020

Registry updates in Cook Islands enable implementation of COVID-19 Economic Response Act

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PSDI has supported the Cook Islands Ministry of Justice to make critical updates to the online Companies, Incorporated Societies, and Personal Property Securities Register to enable the implementation of the COVID-19 Economic Response Act. 

Among the Act's provisions are several important temporary changes to the filing requirements for companies, incorporated societies, and personal property securities. The registry updates required to enable these changes went live on 21 July, with full implementation support from PSDI, and include allowing for additional filings, such as business debt hibernation notices, and extending the existing deadlines for Personal Property Security filings.

The Parliament of Cook Islands passed the PSDI-supported COVID-19 Economic Response Act on 2 July. PSDI also provided full support to the development of the registry, first launched in December 2019. The registry is online at