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1 December 2021
ADB welcomes new legislation to improve SOEs in PNG

The Asian Development Bank has welcomed the publication of the Kumul Consolidated Holdings Authorisation (Amendment) Act 2021 in Papua New Guinea’s National Gazette, a key step in efforts to reform state-owned enterprise governance.

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2 November 2021
Balancing sustainability and growth key to tourism sector recovery—PSDI

The tourism sector in the Pacific has been significantly damaged by the global coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, but there is potential for positive transformation as the industry looks to rebuild and grow, according to a new series of publications from PSDI.

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21 October 2021
ADB welcomes new Corporations Act to boost business in Palau

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has welcomed the passing of a new Corporations Act in Palau which will make it easier and faster to start and run a business.

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24 September 2021
Pacific Surpasses Global Averages for Women's Representation in Business Leadership—PSDI.

Gaining access to leadership positions can be challenging for women, but there are increasing opportunities for women to lead in business in the Pacific, according to a new report from the Pacific Private Sector Development Initiative.

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11 May 2021
New laws make it easier to start, manage, and grow businesses in Kiribati—PSDI

Kiribati now has a suite of modern foundational business laws after the Companies Act, Company Insolvency Act, and Business Names Act were passed by Parliament last week. The new laws will make it easier for both existing and new businesses to operate in Kiribati.

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9 November 2020
Strong retirement funds can be important providers of long-term Pacific business finance

Retirement funds are an important feature of Pacific financial systems and often play a wider social protection role, but they must be well-run financial institutions to be effective, says a policy paper published by the Pacific Private Sector Development Initiative (PSDI)—an Asian Development

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