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14 March 2024
PSDI Launches New Gender-Inclusive Private Sector Framework for the Pacific

There is growing awareness that promoting women’s economic empowerment makes good business sense. Yet legal, regulatory, and policy barriers persist that prevent women’s full participation in the private sector, according to PSDI's new gender-inclusive private sector framework, published today.

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30 January 2024
Introducing innovative financing mechanisms can help improve access to finance for Pacific businesses—PSDI

Innovative Financing Mechanisms, such as small-scale offers regimes and investment-geared crowdfunding, can help bridge the financing gap for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Pacific region, says a new PSDI report.

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23 January 2024
ADB-Supported PPP Framework to Improve Infrastructure Service Delivery in PNG

PORT MORESBY, PAPUA NEW GUINEA (23 January 2024) — The Asian Development Bank (ADB) welcomes a new framework for public–private partnerships (PPPs) in Papua New Guinea (PNG) aimed at unlocking private investment and know-how, and allowing PNG to expand and improve infrastructure service delivery.

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17 January 2024
Enhanced foreign direct investment can drive economic growth and development—PSDI

FDI can be a powerful driver of economic growth and human capital development. A strategic approach and targeted reforms can support Pacific countries to attract, retain, and assess FDI effectively, according to a comprehensive study of the FDI frameworks in five Pacific countries.

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25 July 2023
Implementation of key SOE reforms in PNG will improve commercial performance — ADB report

The passage of significant reforms in PNG will empower Kumul Consolidated Holdings to effectively monitor SOEs and promote better transparency and accountability, according to new ADB PSDI report Finding Balance 2023.

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6 June 2023
Forum of Pacific investment fund chiefs endorses minimum gender data collection standards

The Pacific region’s largest investment funds will establish minimum standards on gender-related data collection and reporting after an annual meeting of the Pacific Islands Investment Forum’s “Women in Super” working group.

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