Papua New Guinea | 10 September 2018

Training delivered to PNG’s Independent Consumer and Competition Commission

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Grace Misina and colleagues from PNG's Independent Consumer and Competition Commission follow a point by PSDI Competition Trainer Donal Curtin.

PSDI competition experts concluded a week of training for staff at PNG’s Independent Consumer and Competition Commission on Friday.

The training, on market definition and assessment, was the third PSDI has delivered to the ICCC after training on investigative skills was provided in February and training on consumer protection was provided in August. Further trainings on cartel behavior will be delivered late this month and supplementary training on consumer protection will be delivered in November.

“We’re now looking at staff who are better trained and who can attend to their work and investigations with much more confidence,” said Grace Misina, ICCC’s Manager—Restrictive Trade Practices.

“We all come with backgrounds in law, economics, engineering… but investigation is not something we were taught in our undergraduate degrees.

“As a result of this training, the staff feel empowered; they can go out and do better investigations and come up with better competition assessments.”

This package of technical assistance to the ICCC was determined through a capability assessment PSDI undertook last year, which found the commission was generally equipped to deliver on its mandate, but there were some areas for improvement.

The ICCC trainings, alongside the recently completed Competition and Consumer Framework Review and the development of the National Competition Policy, form part of a suite of competition and consumer protection-related support initiatives PSDI is providing in PNG.

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Grace Misina, PNG ICCC Manager--Restrictive Trade Practices.