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12 October 2021
How the Pacific business community is accelerating women’s leadership

Women are increasingly holding senior leadership and decision-making roles in the Pacific business community, PSDI Economic Empowerment of Women Expert Sarah Boxall writes in DevPolicy Blog.

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12 February 2020
With a More Competitive Private Sector, Everybody Wins

Competition in the marketplace is healthy for a country’s economy—everybody benefits.

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15 December 2016
Credit Can Increase Without Government Guarantees

Accessing credit is difficult for businesses in the Pacific. While there’s enough liquidity in the banking system, the ratio of private sector credit to GDP is in most cases less than 50 percent—similar to the level in many South Asian and South American countries.

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27 November 2016
Win-Win-Win for Samoa SOE reform

Reforms to state owned enterprises (SOEs) can unleash productivity and efficiencies in an economy. However, such reforms can bring pain and controversy—so-called “adjustment costs”.

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22 September 2016
Continued State-Owned Enterprise Reform will Benefit the Pacific

This week, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) launched Finding Balance 2016: Benchmarking the Performance of SOEs in Island Economies.

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9 May 2016
Op-ed: Lending Reforms can Boost Pacific Growth

Small and medium-sized enterprises in Pacific island states often find it difficult to get credit. Financial institutions in the region tend to view lending to smaller businesses as risky because, without land and buildings as collateral, the likelihood of repayment in case of default can appear low

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