In Fiji, we are supporting reforms that create an accommodating environment for businesses to be established, to innovate, and to increase productivity. 

PSDI has been working with the Government of Fiji to:

  • Increase the use of the secured transactions framework established in June 2019 that has made it easier for lenders to accept movable property as collateral;

  • Assist with the commercial transformation of the Fiji Development Bank;

  • Develop effective SOE policy and legislative reform, supported by regional SOE benchmarking and analysis;

  • Strengthen the capacity of the Fiji Competition and Consumer Commission;

  • Draft a National Competition and Consumer Protection Policy; and

  • Implement pilot projects to help make workplaces more women-friendly and provide leadership pathways for women.

Resources and Spending

Following the elections of September 2014 and Fiji’s return to democracy, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) resumed full engagement with the Government of Fiji.

PSDI has spent more than $2.7 million on private sector development related reforms in Fiji. Financing Growth initiatives have accounted for the largest share of funding allocations—34% overall. This covers PSDI's support to the Fiji Secured Transactions Task Force and the Fiji Development Bank, illustrating the current enthusiasm for secured transactions reform in Fiji. Spending for State-owned Enterprise Reform accounts for 21% of spending in Fiji, reflecting increased requests for SOE reform support including the development of a Public Enterprise Bill and PPP Policy. Business Law Reform initiatives account for 16% of total spending, much of which has gone towards the development of a secured transactions framework—the PSDI-supported Personal Properties Securities Act and the May 2019 launch of a Personal Property Securities Registry.

Fiji2007 2019 web

On this website, $ refers to US dollars unless otherwise stated.

For detailed information on PSDI activities in Fiji, download the April 2020 PSDI Country Overview here.

Fiji at a glance

Secured transactions framework

established with the launch of an online registry in June 2019 makes it easier for lenders to accept movable assets as collateral.

34,000 securities registered

As of end-2019, more than 34,000 security interests over movable assets to be used as collateral for loans have been registered in Fiji using the PSDI-supported secured transactions framework.

Women’s Business Leadership Program

which helps prepare women for senior roles, delivered in 2016 and replicated in 2017.

Strengthened capacity

at the Fiji Competition and Consumer Commission.

SOE benchmarking

Fiji has participated in all five of PSDI’s Finding Balance comparative studies of Pacific state-owned enterprise performance.

Commercialisation and finance

PSDI is supporting increased commercial operations at Fiji Development Bank and supporting its potential to provide movables finance for the agricultural sector.
Latest News
10 November 2021
Potential for positive transformation

THE FIJI TIMES: A series of PSDI publications on the tourism sector in Fiji and the region recommend that building more dynamic private sectors will help build bigger and better tourism industries and drive higher employment and incomes.

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2 November 2021
Balancing Sustainability and Growth Key to Tourism Sector Recovery—Psdi

The tourism sector in the Pacific has been significantly damaged by the global coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, but there is potential for positive transformation as the industry looks to rebuild and grow, according to a new series of publications from PSDI.

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24 September 2021
Mixed representation with pockets of progress

FIJI TIMES: A new report shows that the representation of women in business leadership in Fiji is mixed, but there are pockets of clear progress.

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20 April 2021
Promoting Competition and Consumer Protection in Fiji

Fiji has a new, modernized Competition and Consumer Policy, which will support economic development by safeguarding consumers and the private sector.

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29 April 2020
Fiji’s Public-Private Partnership Guideline Endorsed by Cabinet

The Cabinet of Fiji last week endorsed a new Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Implementation Guideline, designed to support the implementation of the PPP Policy 2019. Both the guideline and the policy were prepared with PSDI support.

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21 August 2019
Movables Financing Model can work in Fiji says Expert

Movables financing "has the potential to break the cycle of dependence on limited, subsidised finance and empower farmers to better manage cash flow and re-invest in their businesses: improving growing methods, planting more trees, engaging labor when needed, and accessing networks to improve sale p

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Key Publications
Fiji | Pacific Tourism Sector Snapshot
Fiji | Pacific Tourism Sector Snapshot
This tourism sector snapshot for Fiji provides an overview of the tourism sector before the COVID-19 pandemic and identifies new and existing challenges and opportunities for the tourism industry.
Looking Forward Vol. 1: Evaluating the Challenges for Pacific Tourism after COVID-19
Looking Forward Vol. 1: Evaluating the Challenges for Pacifi...
This PSDI tourism sector assessment provides an overview of Pacific tourism before the COVID-19 pandemic, identifies challenges, and provides recommendations for a sustainable post-pandemic recovery.
Leadership Matters: Benchmarking Women's Business Leadership in the Pacific
Leadership Matters: Benchmarking Women's Business Leadership...
Leadership Matters: Benchmarking Women in Business Leadership in the Pacific collects and analyzes data on women’s representation on boards and in senior management in the 14 Pacific developing member countries of the Asian Development Bank.
PSDI Annual Progress Report FY2019–2020
PSDI Annual Progress Report FY2019–2020
This report gives an overview of PSDI activities from July 2019 to June 2020.
Pacific Retirement Funds: Anchoring Social Protection in Good Finance
Pacific Retirement Funds: Anchoring Social Protection in Goo...
This paper aims to assist policymakers to clarify the role of Pacific retirement funds—particularly any financing role,
Government-Owned Banks: Their Role in Pacific Financial Systems
Government-Owned Banks: Their Role in Pacific Financial Syst...
This paper aims to assist policymakers in addressing questions around government ownership of banks while highlighting the need to increase private participation in most Pacific financial systems, for these systems to meet the financing needs of businesses.