In Nauru, PSDI is working to create a more dynamic and inclusive private sector, and to increase commercial access to financial services.

PSDI has worked with the Government of Nauru to:

  • Make commercial banking services available in the country;

  • Support the improved performance of state-owned enterprises, by restructuring SOE governance and providing input into public-private partnership options; and

  • Review discriminatory laws and practices and assist with the development of the National Gender Action Plan.

Resources and Spending

Of the $395,382 PSDI has spent on Nauru in total, 58% was allocated to Financing Growth initiatives, representing PSDI’s ultimately successful efforts to bring banking services to the country.

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On this website, $ refers to US dollars unless otherwise stated.

For detailed information on PSDI activities in Nauru, download the 2022 PSDI Country Overview here.

Nauru at a glance

Commercial banking services

PSDI was instrumental in achieving the re-establishment of commercial banking services in Nauru, after an absence of more than 10 years.

SOE restructuring

PSDI supported the restructuring of the senior executive management of the Republic of Nauru Phosphate Corporation, the Nauru Utilities Corporation and the Nauru Rehabilitation Corporation.

National Gender Action Plan

developed and discriminatory laws and practices reviewed, with PSDI’s assistance.
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